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“Highly rate Candid Collective! My husband and I aren’t always the most comfortable with getting our photos taking. However, Eva was a dream and managed to get some beautiful shots! We can’t wait to see the final images 🤍”

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You will find below some popular frequently-asked questions that will help you on your wedding day.


We are booked with PMO/PWC. What's included in our package?

As you are booked with our partner wedding coordinators (eg. PMO, PWC), please contact them directly for any clarifications and questions about your package.
PMO: 1300 024 024 (email: [email protected])
PWC: 08 6245 2189 (email: [email protected])

Your photos and/or videos, carefully selected for you by our creative team, will also be sent to them within 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. Please follow it up with them.

I booked with you directly. What's included in our booking?

Included in your booking is an hour of photography coverage with our assigned photographer on your wedding day. High-resolution digital images will be delivered to your email via an online gallery.

Where will we meet the photographer/videographer?

We will be waiting for your at the wedding location. Your celebrant will introduce us, we'll have a quick little chat, and then we can get started with our work!

Can we request a call or meet with the photographer/videographer?

If you booked via our partner wedding coordinators (eg PWC, PMO), we know that you have been chatting with them throughout your booking, and they may have already answered most of your questions about coverage. If there are still areas that need clarification, or if you want to make changes regarding your booking, please get back into contact with them so they can further help suit all your needs.

We know how special your wedding day is and we want to make sure you are looked after.

Should you wish to extend the coverage time, or add services like video, drone, live-streaming, photo booth, content creator, and/or on-the-day coordination, simply send us an email to request information about the services.

Should you need in-house expertise and meet one of our event planners to help guide your vision to best suite for your interests, we request a minimal consultation fee of $120+GST. Please contact us if you wish to book this extra service.

Can we request to extend our coverage?

We may be available to extend your wedding coverage to ensure that we never miss a shot. Please contact us for availabilities.

Can we have guest photographers?

We know that many of your loved ones will want to take photos during your wedding. We encourage you, though, to let us do our work for you so they can be "present" on what will surely be a very special day!

Can we give you a shot list?

Each wedding is an individual event that needs to be captured in its own unique way. Although a shot list may seem like an easy way of capturing what you want, it could also hinder our creative process.

Instead of a list, we encourage you to share with us the important memories that will make this special day. We want to ensure that your wedding day is captured in all its beautiful chaos.

If you have any important/spontaneous items or moments planned for the shoot, eg grandma's ring, parent's veil, please let us know so we can be ready!

Can we take more photos around the venue or at different locations?

You have our undivided attention for a full hour. Since most wedding ceremonies only take around half an hour, we can definitely take more photos around your wedding location. Please note that location transfers, whether thru walking or use of transport for short distances, are all included in the hour coverage.

Applicable parking fees are shouldered by the client. A copy of the parking ticket will be sent to your email after the wedding for reimbursement.

What happens if there is a need to extend for another half hour?

We understand that sometimes, emergency situations happen that are usually out of our control.

In these situations, depending on our photographer/videographer's availability, we can extend the coverage of your wedding.

Please note, however, that a fraction of an hour is considered a full hour.

After the wedding, we will just send you an invoice for the extension.

Can we request for raw copies of the photos/videos?

We don't give away our raw photos and videos. The reason is that they do not provide an accurate representation of what we're capable of, so it's important to process them through our post-production creative team.

When can we expect the photos or videos?

Depending on the wedding season, your photos and/or videos will be delivered to you via an online gallery link within four-six weeks after your wedding.

If you booked through our partner wedding coordinators (eg. PMO, PWC), we will send them your private online gallery link. You are welcome to chase them for it within four-six weeks after your wedding day.

Should you wish to have your photos/videos expedited, we have an add-on service that does exactly that!

Our Priority Edit add-on is an important feature you may wish to consider. This will allow you to receive your digital images within 10 working days. Let us know if you are interested in including this in your booking so we can arrange your invoice of $250+GST for this. The service fee is mainly for our editors to bump your photos ahead of the production queue and work overtime to have them released within 10 working days.

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