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At Candid Lens, we believe in taking your vision to new heights. Whether it's capturing breathtaking aerial shots of your dream wedding, showcasing stunning real estate properties from above, or adding a dynamic touch to your commercial projects, our professional drone services are here to provide you with awe-inspiring perspectives like never before.

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The sky's the limit


Our team of drone operator is experienced in aerial cinematography. We adhere to the highest safety standards to ensure smooth and worry-free operations.



We use cutting-edge drone technology equipped with high-resolution cameras, allowing us to capture stunning visuals in ultra-high definition.



We understand that every project is unique. Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver personalised solutions that align with your creative vision.

to Your Needs


We are not just drone operators; we are visual storytellers. Our creative eye and technical expertise ensure that your aerial footage is not just beautiful but also adds depth and meaning to your projects.


Our Drone Services

Aerial Wedding Videography

Make your special day even more extraordinary with captivating aerial footage that captures the romance and grandeur of your wedding from a bird's-eye view.

Real Estate Drone Photography

Showcase properties like never before with stunning aerial shots that highlight the unique features and surroundings of the real estate you are selling or leasing.

Aerial Cinematography - Where Sky's the Limit

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Contact us today to discuss your project and explore the possibilities of aerial cinematography. We offer flexible packages to suit your needs, ensuring that you receive top-notch aerial footage that exceeds your expectations.

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