This agreement only includes general guidelines and obligations of Creators (also known as Subcontractors / Freelancers) of PPG Media (overarching company of both Pixieros Photography and Candid Lens Collective).

Specific tasks, payment rates, and deliverables may be included in individual signed contracts and calendar booking invites.


As we need to assure clients that we have assigned Creators before we book them, Creators are expected to accept all booking calendar invites within the day. Otherwise, PPG Media will look for other available creators in the pool.


All Creators are expected to be at the venue 10-15 minutes before schedule so necessary preparations could be made- ready equipment, and have a quick chat with the client.


All deliverables must be sent to PPG Media via agreed upon channel within 48 hours of the booked session.


All materials, documents, client contact details and venue contact details given to you by PPG Media, are strictly confidential. They are not to be shared with any other person or company, or used by yourself for any purpose outside of your role with PPG Media.

All photos taken during the sessions, are owned by PPG Media (overarching company of both Pixieros Photography and Candid Lens Collective). This includes official bookings, and behind-the-scenes photos. We retain publishing rights for the material/information/images to protect the privacy of the clients, who may or may not wish for their information/photos/videos to be published (as stipulated in the contracts they sign on the day) anywhere online. PPG Media subcontractors are not able to publish any of the images that are taken during sessions on their personal or business websites, personal or business social media accounts, or submitting them anywhere else online (for example to photo competitions). However, subcontractors are welcome to hyperlink back to the PPG Media social media pages and/or websites on their personal/business websites. 


PPG Media and Creator agree to maintain the confidentiality of all information shared between them during each booking agreement, and that any such information will not be used for purposes other than those intended. Creators are not allowed to contact Clients directly to promote their own services, but rather, only to offer PPG Media's services.

Any inquiry from past and future clients of PPG Media assigned to the Creator must be sent and referred back to [email protected] or at 0485 857 188.


Creators must send an invoice for all services done. Email it to [email protected] . Please allow up to 5 business working days to facilitate payment.


In case of a Creator is not able to make it to an appointment, it will be the Creator's responsibility to train and find a suitable replacement. Creator should make it a point that deliverables of replacement adhere to PPG Media's quality and standard of service.


Creators must give at least 4 weeks notice to PPG Media if they are unable to work at an upcoming event they are scheduled on, and they may be required to train their replacement if they wish to leave permanently.