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Travel Japan - Day 11 - Osaka

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Thankfully we were in Osaka. Typhoon Hagibis was on its way to Tokyo and hoping safety for all in Tokyo.

Cheesecake for breakfast, anyone? Seek and you will find!

The night before, i promised my girl to buy her a cheesecake! And we found Rikuro’s Cheesecake and that just made her day... yey!

The morning quest also meant that we had a bit of advantage to stroll along the popular street malls in Osaka (Shin Sai Bashi Suji and Doutonduri). The crowd wasn’t too bad - wait until you see the photos by night! 😁

After breakfast, i promised the girls to visit a kid’s shop in Daimaru Umeda along Ebisu Bashi. Here are more random street photos on our way...

Then ... as soon as they saw what they were up for - that look was priceless!

Wheww! That took the rest of the morning and it was almost lunch time, we had to go and meet someone.

On our way, we tried the local milk tea and Matcha tarts! 😋

Oh and btw, it is rude to eat while walking in Japan. So you either wait until you’re seated or stop walking, then find a corner to quickly eat your food. 😉

While waiting at Mitsu Park, we thought of grabing a quick bite of the popular takoyaki.

Osaka is sooo popular with this kind of street food that you see it literally everywhere! 😂

Straight off the cast iron mold, the food was sooo hot, it burned my tongue i dropped it on the ground ... but not to worry, birds finished it in a blitz!

In case you were wondering, we were meeting today one of our homestays who stayed with us back in Australia whilst she studied English. She was so kind to meet with us while visiting Osaka and finally were introduced to her mum!

After quick chats, they took us to Ichiran, a local ramen place (i refer it as local if there are no english menus and staff speak only their native language).

First you pay, then you wait to be seated. Yeah, i know what you might be thinking and no we were not in a library nor a computer shop!

Then they give you a form to fill-up based on choices.

Then you choose an empty cubicle, give the form to the person by the counter in front of you.

Take photos while you wait! Or drink from your own tap water. 😉

After few minutes, voila... your ramen awaits! The best ramen i had 😋

After that super hearthy meal, our gracious host asked where do we want to visit next. Dad suggested in the Rose Garden Park which they also haven’t been to. So they also asked for directions from others. See, even locals may get confused too! 🤩

I was still feeling full from the ramen, so i briefly admired the roses then sat at the bench then handed the cam to the girls. Photo credits to Tori.

Thereafter, our host suggested to visit Harukas 300. The tallest observation deck in Japan!

It was great that it was a bit overcast... better time to view the cityscape from above.

Some free entertainment for kids and kids at heart. 🤩

Exhausted already, we had a quick drink whilst resting at the Sky Garden cafe.

While waiting for 6:30pm (the time we meet our host’s Dad), we spent time walking in the street shops with traditional-looking facades.

Soonafter, we met with host Dad in Zauon Restaurant. They were so kind they made a reservation at a local fishing restaurant!

So eager to go fishing!! 😅

Not so long after, Vela caught our first red snapper fish! Prepped into sashimi 😋

Then there was a feast!

We ate our guts out...! Just when we thought we were done, our host invited to fish some mackerels. 😁

Tori was so happy she finally caught hers too!

We ended up with 5 more fishes on our plate! 😅

Uh! Oh! No we were not done yet... 😁 we felt so bloated!

This was the last meal of the night... fragrant and umami rice! 😆

Wheww! Now we needed that stroll... back to where our day started. 🤩

Our hosts walked us to our hotel. 😍🥰

We had the best experience in Japan! Thank you to our lovely hosts for their generosity. 🙏

We hope you visit us in Perth!

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