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Michel - A Debutante Ready To Rock The World

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Proud parents, Nathaniel and Julie, presented they're beautiful daughter, Michel, into society at an elegant and luxurious debutante ball, held at the Grand Ballroom of the Pan Pacific Hotel last 7th November 2020.

The celebration was chic-themed, with the colors pink, gold, and rose gold inundating the hall. Artfully arranged blooms were held in tall, elegant vases. A symphony serenaded the audience with their instrumental renditions of curated songs. Guests and well-wishes were served with delectable charcuterie and mouthwatering dishes.

Female friends and families shared their wishes for Michel through the traditional '18 Candles'. This was followed by '18 Roses' where male friends and relatives each gave a single, long-stemmed rose to Michel and danced with her. This tradition that symbolises the debutante's readiness for romance, is usually initiated by the debutant's father, then with her 'special someone' as her last or 18th dance.

The debutant, together with her 'court' also danced for their guests in the customary 'Cotillion'.

Michel was a stunning debutante all throughout the night. She was polite, generous, and thankful to everyone who came and celebrated with her. She was most thankful to her parents who were very supportive of all her wishes for this celebration. She was filled with all the love and happiness that she is now ready to take on the world!

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