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A Love To Last A Lifetime

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

It was an honour having to witness, and be part of Rasha and Simone's wedding celebration. Even from someone who was behind the lens most of the time, one could feel the love and happiness they share with their families and friends.

The celebration started at Rasha's residence, where a traditional Mehndi ceremony was performed in front of their families as a way of wishing the bride good health and prosperity as she makes her journey to married life. Both Rasha and Simone donned their dresses in white and shades of red, which signify love and passion, and represent happiness and good luck to the married couple. It was also mesmerizing to take photos of Rasha's arms as they were both intricately designed with henna, with which meanings would allow her to receive blessings.

Preparations of the bride and groom were done in Como The Treasury, a luxury hotel set in the newly-revitalised historic buildings in Perth CBD. Laughter and a vibrant mood enveloped this whole event as well-wishers and close friends came by to help the bride and the groom.

The official wedding ceremony was held at the Perth Marriage Offices, where Dru Soltys, Perth's most popular wedding celebrant, designed the couple's ceremony which created lasting memories for everyone present.

The fun continued as the couple and their wedding entourage blissfully struck poses in the surrounding areas of Winthrop Hall, UWA's most famous landmark.

To cap off this day's celebration, Rasha and Simone shared an intimate wedding reception with their families and friends at Santini.

Celebrating their most precious day with people that truly matter had surely made Rasha and Simone's hearts overflowing with love. There was happiness, respect, and love in everyone's eyes as they fondly gaze at them. Rasha and Simone, truly, have a love to last!

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